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How To Get Emz On Brawl Stars

If you want to know how to get emz on Brawl Stars¸ Then you have come to the right place, because we will not only tell you how you can get one of the most beloved characters of Brawl Stars, but we will also give you extra information about it.

So sit back and read on, because when you're done reading this article, you'll be ready to get Emz on Brawl Stars and get many trophies.

Here we will tell you everything you need to know to get Emz in Brawl Stars.

Who is Emz in Brawl Stars?

Emz is a common brawler that has nothing in common. This zombie girl is, in the world of Brawl Stars, an influencer with many followers who cannot live without posting her life on social media.


It is listed as a Brawler FighterLike Shelly, Nita and Jessie, but unlike all of them, Emz can poison her opponents and slow them down.

Emz has a low ability to deal damage, but it makes up for this with its incredible ability to control crowds, which is why it is highly regarded among players.

All in all, Emz is a great addition to any team.

Details about Emz

  • Speed ​​of movement: 720 (Normal)
  • Maximum Health (level 10): 5040
  • Rango: 6.67
  • Recharge time: 2 (slow)
  • Projectile velocity: 1500
  • Attack Width: 1.33
  • Sprinkler damage: 728

Emz Super Details: Corrosive Charisma

Super Description: "Emz generates a toxic cloud around him that slows and deals damage to opponents in the area of ​​effect."

  • Rank: 5.67
  • Duration: 5 seconds
  • SuperRecharge per hit: 4.56%
  • Maximum damage (level 10): 336

How to get Emz on Brawl Stars

Get Emz on Brawl Stars It's pretty straightforward, but it takes a long time since it's one of the last brawlers you'll unlock on the Trophy path. This means that you don't need to use boxes or diamonds to unlock it and start shooting everyone.

You need 8000 trophies to get emz on Brawl Stars, so you can play with him if you dedicate a little time to the game and you are interested in getting victories with this very interesting character.

Trophy Path Brawl Stars

That has been it for now. If you want to know how to get other brawlers you can visit the other entries that we have on the page. So you will know everything about Brawl Stars.

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